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Our services vary so we can fix any clock made by anyone in the market, American, English, European ., French, Dutch. We service and restore the following mantel,wall, or floor clocks
-Seth Thomas-
-        Ansoina 
-        Gilbert     
-Gustav Becker- Vienna Regulators
-Howard Miller, Ridgeway-
-New Haven 
-Chelsea /Schatz Ships bell clocks
-        Junghans
-        Cuckoo Clocks
-        Aircraft Clocks /Waltham,Elgin
-        vintage electric
-        quartz
  Music box's 
-         and many others on the market.
In house service calls on large clocks , 
Are you relocating? with previous years of moving service I can prepare your clock for the move ,so that it arrives safely. I can even move your clock locally here if you need it