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About Us
I have been in the full time clock repair business since 1999,and a Service Center for Howard Miller, Ridgeway and a Bulova dealer/  repair center.  I have a fully equipped shop capable of handling any repair or restoration, some of my equipment includes a Sherline lathe, Sherline Mill, Peerless watchmakers lathe, Lorch watchmakers lathe, Rollimat pivot polisher, Bergeon bushing machine, spring winder. gear cutting fixture enabling me to make watch wheel's to large tall case gears.There is also a plating system ,glass grinding equipment.tumbling ,welding torches. etc...etc....
Rest assured your time piece will be in good hands and receive the best care and repairs possible. I am a firm believer that a time piece was designed to perform in a certain manor when it was built ,and there is no reason why it cannot do the same today.